About Us

Yiwu Dayu Hosiery Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, is a professional engaged in "stockings" and "tights" production and marketing enterprises. Through 20 years of development, the company now has a high-speed spinning machines imported from Japan 12, France imports texturing 6 groups, bud yarn more than 30 groups advanced on the current international chemical fiber production equipment. Italy imports more than 400 sets of hosiery, small round machine more than 200 sets of imported Pinfeng 130, 36 dyeing machines, automatic stereotypes of four tights, socks stereotypes of four sets of 160-bit standard packaging. The company has now become, "the morning-Chemical Fiber" and "Daewoo Hosiery" led the whole industry chain enterprises. The company now has an area of 70 acres, modern factories and office buildings 70,000 square meters, the staff of more than 700 people; "Daewoo Hosiery" Eguard "morning-Chemical Fiber" with a registered capital of more than 30 million yuan, annual output value exceeding 200 million yuan.


Yiwu Dayu Hosiery Co., Ltd.

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