Dayu Hosiery - Culture:

The world does not necessarily have a perfect product, but can be one hundred percent effort and absolute good faith, to impress everyone ...
Our mission: heart with Yu * * move to improve the quality of life of women, so that modern women can enjoy high quality of life !!!
We advocate: the modern woman, love yourself in order to better care for their families that every woman should have a healthy, confident, elegant, beautiful image.
We advocate: female social communicators of beauty and love, make women more beautiful, so that the community can be more beautiful. Women love myself more, in order to better contribute to society ......
To provide: sexy, durable, refined, elegant, comfortable and classic "quality socks" is - the eternal pursuit;

Core values:

· Respect and care, trust each employee, creating opportunities for employees, help employees grow
· We believe that miracle team, continuous improvement and innovation, never satisfied, so that our quality products and services to exceed customer expectations
· We honesty, integrity, hard-working, caring
· Adhere to in the end to get things done, done to perfection
· We create wealth and contribute to the community, social progress and national economic development efforts, we have a dream of a powerful business !!

Daewoo Hosiery Vision:

· The world's best quality, best service supplier of socks
The company's core competitiveness:
· Differentiation: Product Differentiation
· Focus: Focus on the high-end consumer demand
· Fast: rapid response to market demand
· Good: one of the best quality
· With relatively moderate prices, provide differentiated end products

Yiwu Dayu Hosiery Co., Ltd.

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